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Trademark Registration

What is a trademark: Trademark is a unique identity of a business. For eg : Apple has trademark for word “apple” in Electronics category. You cannot write apple in any of electronics products you are manufacturing. Thus trademark bars other person to use similar word.

How can you Apply for trademark: Trademark can be applied through Finlogiconline. Generally we apply the trademark within 24 working hours from the date of submission of all documents.

Process of Applying a Trademark: When we file a trademark, application goes to government authorities for verification and they take approximate 1 month to examine the trademark and give their examination report. If they find no similar word by spellings or phonetically, they advertise the trademark in gazette of India to be published for general public. After the Mark is published, 4 months time is given to public for any objection based on any ground. If your Mark is opposed, the trademark authorities will let you know the person who has opposed and if you want to proceeed you must initiate by legal process then.

If there is no objection from anyone your trademark will be issued after 4 months. Therefore trademark application generally takes 5-6 months to get into registered state.

How much is the government fees: For small business : Rs. 4500/-, for Others Rs. 9000/-

Documents required for trademark application :

  • Digital Signature of the Applicant or special attorney to an authorized attorney
  • Word/symbol to be registered as trademark
  • Address of Applicant


Finlogic Online can do all related fillings for trademark at very affordable prices.


(including taxes and Govt. fees)

Trademark without Digital Signature

(In case you already have DSC with you)


(including taxes and Govt. Fees)

Trademark with DSC for Large Business not eligible under MSME Scheme