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GST Registration

GST i.e. Goods and Service Tax is an Indirect Tax levied in India on Supply of Goods and Services. An indirect tax is collected by one entity in the supply chain (usually a producer or retailer) and paid to the government, but it is passed on to the consumer as part of the purchase price of a good or service. The consumer is ultimately paying the tax by paying more for the product the tax rates, rules and regulations are governed by the GST Council which consists of the finance ministers of the central government and all the states.

Registration of any business entity under the GST Law means obtaining a unique number called GSTIN from the concerned tax authorities for the purpose of collecting tax on behalf of the government and to avail Input tax credit for the taxes on his inward supplies. Without registration, a person can neither collect tax from his customers nor claim any input tax credit of tax paid by him.

If you are operating from more than one state, then you will have to take separate registration for each state you are operating from.

Business entities falling into any of the following criteria are required to be registered under GST:

  1. Every business entity engaged in providing service having aggregate turnover over Rs. 20 Lakh and entity engaged in exclusive supply of goods having aggregate turnover over Rs. 40 Lakh is required to register as a normal taxable person. However, this threshold limit is Rs. 10 lakh if you have a business in north-eastern states, J&K, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
  1. Any Person who is engaged in Inter-state supply of services and goods.
  1. Any Person who is engaged in supply of goods through e-commerce portal.
  1. Casual Taxable Person.
  1. Input Service Distributor (ISD).
  1. Non-resident taxable person.
  1. Persons liable to pay tax under the reverse charge mechanism.
  1. TDS/TCS deductor.
  1. Online data access or retrieval service provider.


How much time Finlogic takes to process GST Application: Finlogic Provides the best in class service for GST registration. Our Experts and CA help you file your GST number in same day. Thus you can get your acknowledgment for GST registration same day. After we have applied for Department takes approx 3 days to process GST application and you can start your journey in business world.

Documents required for GST Application

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Rent deed/Electricity Bill/Consent letter /Title deed
  • Passport size photo


(including taxes)

GST Registration
Rent Agreement*
Assistance in Registration at GSTN Software


(including taxes)

GST Registration
Rent Agreement*
Assistance in Registration at GSTN Software
6 Months GST Filing